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The Abwoon Network

The Abwoon Network website shares the research of its Founder and Spiritual Mentor, Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, on Native Middle Eastern spirituality and peacemaking, including work on the Aramaic words of Jesus, Hebrew and Native Middle Eastern creation mysticism and Sufism. It also includes blog posts of seminars and offerings in the same area by Neil’s students and colleagues.

Abwoon Network retreat in the Sahara, 2006. Abwoon Network retreat in the Sahara, 2006.

“We have a unique opportunity right now to assist sea change in the consciousness of humanity by joining together, beyond religious distinctions and differences, to share that deep peace which is called by many different names in many different traditions. With the Middle Eastern traditions at the center of the world’s awareness, those of us with experience in these traditions can take a bold step for humanity beyond the ethnic, racial, religious and nationalistic separations of the past. When we look ahead, we can see a shared moment of mystery at the beginning of the cosmos, a quantum moment before time itself, a moment of creative possibility that is always now.” 

– Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D



The Abwoon Resource Center and Network work toward:

• Realizing and spreading the global consciousness of unity;

• Bridging understanding between the traditions of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar through shared story, meditation and interspiritual ritual;

• Building communities of peace through the celebration of sacred diversity;

• Sharing the vision of purpose, creativity and empowerment that prophet Yeshua calls malkuta, which is known in Hebrew as malkuth and in Arabic as al-Malik.

Munira and Saadi


The website is operated by the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning in Scotland, UK, directed by Neil, with the help of volunteers in the UK and USA and in cooperation with the Abwoon Resource Center  based in Columbus, Ohio, USA, directed by the Rev. Elizabeth Reed.

Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning (EIAL):

EIAL (www.eial.org) is a volunteer community organization that offers education and sponsorship for learning opportunities in applied spirituality, that is, the application of spiritual practice and experience to everyday life: peace studies, ecology and psychology. We distinguish “spirituality,” which has to do with human experiences, from “religion,” which has to do with organizational belief and structure. We believe that spritualilty and holistic education are best conducted in a context that includes:

Soma and Psyche: the human relationship to being embodied: breath, flesh, perception of movement, sensation, emotion, intuition, vision and dream.

Ecos: the human relationship to its home communities,which include both nature and culture, as well as the influence that each can have on the other.

Art and Creativity: the human relationship to creativity,which emulates that of the cosmos itself, and leads to a natural sense of ecological, social and moral responsibility, revealing the purpose in life of each human being.

Devotion: the human relationship to relationship itself: the recognition that “I” am not alone, “you” are not alone; that “I” and “you” are, as the Sufi poet Shabistari wrote, only “delicate holes cut in a lampshade” revealing the light of consciousness itself.

Action: Real reseach is action research: learning as one goes along and taking responsibility for the social and political impact of one’s study and experience.

EIAL supports a number of other volunteer-based organizations including the Edinburgh International Centre for Spiritual and Peace, a Scottish charity of which Neil is a co-founder.


Abwoon Resource Center (ARC):

Under the direction of the Rev. Elizabeth Reed and Neil Douglas-Klotz, the Abwoon Resource Center develops and provides resources that aim to help people who use this interspiritual work all over the world. The ARC is a project of the non-profit Shalem Center.

It currently works in the following areas:

New Resource Development: working with Neil Douglas-Klotz to produce more resources to support individuals and groups who are “building communities of peace.” These include audio recordings as well as posting of video through the ARC YouTube channel. Through the generosity of donors, we have state-of the-art recording equipment and have been able to produce workshop recordings of some of Neil Douglas-Klotz’ live teachings in the USA.

Workshops and Events: producing or supporting various Abwoon-oriented workshops in the USA and providing consultation and organizational support to other event organizers.

Communications and Networking:  Constant Contact continues as the primary communication tool with occasional announcements. ARC coordinates volunteers in creating and producing the annual newsletter and produces the hard copies to have available at events.

Video Recording and Archival Project: Video and audio recordings are made at workshops where Neil Douglas-Klotz is the primary or sole teacher, both in the USA and Europe, whenever feasible. We are always on the look-out for more tech-savvy volunteers to assist with recording and editing! Currently there are 31 video postings at the Abwoon Resource Center YouTube Channel. We continually search for volunteers to edit film in our aim to increase the numbers of postings.

Index of Chants, Walking Meditations and Teachings. The Library section of our website contains an extensive index of audio clips of Neil’s teaching over the past decade, compiled by volunteers Jannat and Chris Granger in the UK. Here is the link.

Translation Project: Through the dedicated work of volunteers, basic resources and published books are being translated into multiple languages. Many of Neil’s books appear in English, German, Dutch, Turkish, Indonesian, Czech, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish. ARC helps supports these individual translators who work directly with publishers to make more resources available.

Southern Libraries Resources: continuing to place resources in libraries in southern states made possible through an individual donor. (Also providing free resources to prison ministries, as we are able).

The Desert Flowers listserve. One of our oldest projects, this virtual community gathers several times a year to meditate together for a few weeks and then share the fruits of the inner journey. The Desert Flowers list is under the guidance of Richard McMurtry. It is open to all. To join, see the link here.

Funding: ARC continues to recognize the invaluable support of its two arms of support:  first, the individual donors who love and support the Aramaic and Native Middle Eastern work of Neil Douglas-Klotz and secondly, the Kalliopeia Foundation for its annual grant that can be utilized for administrative support, the backbone of our existence.

Recent history:

In 2014, our emphasis shifted from physical resources to digital and human resources. From being a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ resource center, we went digital, with all resources available online at our website or through the links provided. Instead of a small staff of paid helpers, many volunteers worldwide now shoulder responsibilities for the various outreach services including communications, recordings, social media, and other services.  Finally, through sharing news of the Abwoon Network, we have placed  more focus upon those who are teaching and sharing these resources in outreach in local and regional settings.

ARC will continue to serve in support and coordination with volunteers, networking with other like-minded persons and groups, developing and maintaining on-going Constant Contact communications, as well as through Facebook, Academia.edu and other social media. There will also be some continuing support to USA workshops/retreats through support of event registrars and co-sponsoring/serving as fiscal parent to certain designated events. Fundraising will continue to be part of the work of ARC to support personal projects and international outreach work of Neil Douglas-Klotz. Special projects, such as production of new resources, will be supported insofar as time and funding permit.

The Abwoon Resource Center staff includes the Rev. Elizabeth Munira Reed and Neil Douglas-Klotz, directors, and many volunteers in the USA, UK, Europe and elsewhere. They are happy to receive your questions, concerns, and feedback and are committed to the larger vision of Unity that this work serves. For specific queries, see the ‘Contact Us’ page.

The ARC is a project of the non-profit Shalem Center (www.shalemcenter.org).