28/09/2018 - 30/09/2018    
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Holland House
Main Street, Cropthorne, WR10 3NB, England

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Breathing Life of All:

Chant, Movement and Contemplative Prayerwith the Aramaic Jesus


Neil Douglas-Klotz

Since the publication of Neil Douglas-Klotz’s Prayers of the Cosmos in 1990, which Dr. Matthew Fox called the “seeds of a revolution,” chanting and meditating with the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language has become one of the leading methods of next-generation, community-based ritual. Using Aramaic (either aloud or silently) offers one a direct connection through vibration, sound and breath to the spirituality of person who used the words, as well as to the indigenous Christianity of the Middle East, which predates the Western creeds and original sin-based theology. In the same way that Eastern mantra can, it bypasses the overly-busy, conceptual mind and allows one to enter deeply into feeling and body.

Similar to “contemplative prayer” and the “prayer of the heart,” ministers, therapists, spiritual directors and laypeople around the world have, over the past thirty years, shared this Aramaic body prayer in informal, inter-spiritual gatherings as well as congregations of various denominations. This meditative art combines simple chanting with contemplative, body-based awareness, either sitting in silence or with gentle circle dance movement. It can also be used as a retreat process of spiritual renewal, when various sayings are combined in particular ways. This retreat will offer an experience with its originator, who will also offer suggestions for starting and leading one’s own group.

“Ripe and blessed are those who realize that breath, and its connection to Holy Breath, is all they have. To them belongs the reign of Unity.” – First Beatitude in Matthew, translated from the Aramaic.

–Gospel of Thomas, saying 50

Location: Holland House Retreat Center, Cropthorne WR10 3NB, England

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