03/05/2018 - 06/05/2018    
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Haus Ananda
Alte Handelsstraße 20, Britz, 16230

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The Self Playing Hide and Seek

Saadi Shakur Chishti

This retreat is part of a series on Soulwork guided by Murshida Baraka and Murshida Sophia in Berlin. The retreat may be taken on a one-off basis.

This retreat will focus on further resources from the “Beautiful Names” that can help with the transformation of the self and the remembrance of its original nature, the home of the soul.

We will also explore various ways to check one’s impressions, that is, to discern real information received from that which may be less real or from primarily shadow psychic or mental sources. This is a complex area, about which Murshid Samuel Lewis has much to say. Because so many of us were told in our youth not to listen to our inner impressions, by family or teachers, we may tend to go to the opposite extreme and believe everything we receive as a ‘voice from within.’ Once on the spiritual path, however, especially the path of Soulwork, we need reliable methods and practices to distinguish real messages from those less real.

Location: Haus Ananda nr Berlin, Germany: Alte Handelsstraße 20, 16230 Britz.

Registration and Information: Brita Baraka und Gita Sophia: brita.v.k@gmx.net oder gita.onnen@web.de