25/05/2018 - 27/05/2018    
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Cadeuceus Zentrum DL
Niendorfer Weg 5, Bad Bevensen, 29549
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Movement and Rest:

Meditations with the Aramaic Jesus

and the Native Middle Eastern Mystics


The Native Middle Eastern spiritual traditions stem from an ancient nomadic tradition in which life is seen as change and movement, and the inner self (named nephesh, naphsha, or nafs in the various traditions) presents an inner community of voices that are seeking a healthy balance for mutual survival.

During this retreat, we will use teachings and practices suggested by the words of Jesus in his native Aramaic language, as well as other mystics of the Middle East, to deepen in our own sense of activity and repose in life. How do we find balance between the needs of the inner life and the outer life? Can we find harmony between our genuine need to pursue goals in life and a sense of deep surrender to the source and goal of everything?

Using the form of a native Middle Eastern ‘sesshin,’ we will alternate gentle moving meditation in the form of Dances of Universal Peace with sitting in silence to absorb the wordless experience further into our hearts. Many of Jesus’ teachings, as well as those from ancient Jewish mysticism and Sufism, also present a deep inner process of transformation. Neil will draw teachings and new Dances of Universal Peace from his most recent work on the Jesus traditions in early Aramaic Christianity as well as the broader colours of Native Middle Eastern spirituality.

The retreat is open to all. Some prior contemplative prayer or meditation experience may be helpful.

“The sign of the Breathing Life of All in you is: movement and rest.”

–Gospel of Thomas, saying 50


Time: Friday dinner through Sunday lunch

Location: Caduceus Zentrum, Niendorfer Weg 5, 29549 Bad Bevensen, near Hamburg, Germany

Registration and Information: Karin Püscher-Findeisen,  zentrum@caduceus.de