09/04/2020 - 12/04/2020    
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Rowe Center
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Tongues of Flame: An Easter Retreat

Chant, Movement and Contemplative Prayer with the Aramaic Jesus

Neil Douglas-Klotz

 After Easter, Jesus’ students experienced a rebirth of love and light in the celebration we call Pentecost. It enabled them to understand each person at the heart level, beyond language. They felt empowered to go out and change their lives, as well as the lives of others. How did they get to that place? The answers lie in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) native Aramaic language, which not only restores the richness of meaning hidden there, but also reveals the actual spiritual experiences and practices that he conveyed to them. Yeshua and his students also faced conflicted times, in which the power of wealth and assumed privilege had overwhelmed the ancient ethics of justice and compassion. So these teachings and practices fit our own times very well.

This Easter retreat (Thursday evening through Sunday midday) will be led by Neil Douglas-Klotz, author of Prayers of the Cosmos, The Hidden Gospel, Original Meditationand many other books on Yeshua and the native spirituality of the Middle East over the past thirty years. We will learn simple chants based on Jesus’ Aramaic sayings and experience them in a deeper way, alternating chant and simple movement in the form of Dances of Universal Peace with silent contemplation. We will also experience a simple body/breathing practice based on Yeshua’s prayer (the “Lord’s Prayer”) in Aramaic. Through these pathways, we might also experience the “tongues of flame” that Yeshua left behind, in our hearts and minds.

This is a healing journey that takes us to deepest part of ourselves and then resurrects us in power and joy. Whether or not you have joined in these Aramaic retreats previously, this is a wonderful doorway into Jesus’ native spirituality and way of meditation.

Time: Thursday dinner through Easter Sunday lunch

Contact and Information: www.rowecenter.org

Online registration at Rowe: https://rowecenter.org/wp/events/tongues-of-flamw-an-easter-retreat/