24/09/2020 - 27/09/2020    
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2 chemin du col d’Ussat, Ornolac-Ussat-Les-Bains, 09400

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Diving into the ever-living river of the sacred

Native Middle Eastern Cycles of Love and Death, Transformation and Rebirth

We live in the times of a great change. Contemporary science has been long teaching us about the interconnectedness of everything, yet we still struggle to embody this knowledge in our daily life. Our day-to-day choices remain largely entrenched in the old, “mechanical” paradigm, and we habitually ignore the fact that there is more to life than we can see and touch. In the last few centuries we in the West gradually moved toward the rational, set and concrete, and away from the consciousness of our ancestors, which was based in myth and tied to nature. Have we unconsciously cut off the roots that connected us to the wholeness of life, to its depth and mystery?

This retreat will explore spiritual practice and meditation that can help us renew our connection to the sacredness of life, support our attempts to restore the lost harmony with Nature. It will include spoken, chanted and silent practice, walking meditation with the elemental and planetary walks, and Sufi zikr. One of our main threads will be the eight “Native Middle-Eastern” Dances of Universal Peace and their mythic stories, which will give us a chance to connect with some of the ancient archetypal energies of the Earth.

In English with French translation.

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Information and Registration: Dominique Asherah