17/10/2019 - 20/10/2019    
All Day


Hof Ruhau
Ruckhardtshausen, Ohringen, Baden-Wurt, 74613

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Nomad’s Way –The Beautiful Names of Life

In English and German

Dances of Universal Peace, walking meditation, contemplation, chant, spiritual practice, body awareness and teaching stories from the world’s rich treasure chest of wisdom.

Life presents us with many faces of blessing and unripeness, with challenge and opportunity. How do we witness it all from a heartfelt place, discovering in the signs of life the activity of one Heart, one Beloved?

This retreat will continue to explore the original spirituality of the Sufi tradition, the remembrance of our “original nature,” called fitrah. We will dive into some hidden treasures the “beautiful names,” which I have been discovering over the past five years. We can feel in them processes that constantly go on within and around us.

While based in the original prayer and spiritual practices of Hazrat Inayat Khan, we will also explore the ancient nomadic human traditions that underlie all of the world’s religions. This ancient strain of awareness reveals the earliest remembrances of our human ancestors, messages in a bottle they left behind to help us understand ourselves and our world better. When we strip away what is unnecessary from our hearts and minds, we find the Real within–a more living Life.

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Contact: Qadima Brandt: AyatSabine@web.de