of the Dances of Universal Peace
invites all the global family of seekers
to join us for this unique and one-off event.

“We’ll have leaders from India, Iran, Israel and Turkey sharing a DUP practice and a glimpse of the local spiritual flavour. And weaved in it a Sohbet Panel with seasoned teachers to deep dive into the tricky and sticky subject of SPIRITUAL BYPASS and the cultivation of real transformational processes.

  • Thursday, December 2nd, starting 5pm GMT
  • 5-6 pm- Auspicious Beginnings from India and Turkish Meshk.
  • 6-7:30pm- Panel Discussion with Shaykh Fadhlallah Haeri/SFH Foundation/South Africa, Issa Baba/Chishti Order/Turkey, Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz/Abwoon Center/Scotland, Darvesha,/Sufi Ruhaniat/USA.
  • 7:30-8:30pm- Persian ma’am and Sama from Iran and Hanukkah closing from Israel.

“COME COME WHOEVER YOU ARE, let us unite in an experience which is part of the evolutionary path towards planetary consciousness.
Free Event but you have to register at

“Please register NOW so we know how many seats to adorn and if you want to know more,
just google us (dances of universal peace – beyond initiative) and/or the individual teachers.”