26/10/2017 - 29/10/2017    
All Day


Martin dePorres Center
2330 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH, 43219

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The Light of Success:

Achievement in the World and the Spiritual Life

How to attain our earthly goals and still be happy

A workshop with

Neil Douglas-Klotz and Natalia Lapteva

Practical tools for life—facing challenges, accomplishing goals, changing our outer circumstances—from the spiritual practices of the world as well as modern psychology, including: Dances of Universal Peace, walking and sitting meditation, Sufi wasifa and zikr. Inspired by the teachings of Murshid Samuel Lewis and Hazrat Inayat Khan on “Sadhana—the Path of Attainment.”

When we embark on the spiritual journey, we often put aside our more ‘mundane’ and ‘common’ desires and purposes, or begin to consider them as being on a ‘lower plane’ altogether. However, it is important for us, as beings of flesh and emotion, to develop, tend and bring to fruition all facets of our lives.

On the path of the inner life, how can we find a way to live harmoniously in the ‘real world’? If we over-focus on success, we risk being sucked into an endless round of activity—there is always more to achieve—and we can become trapped by what we have manifested. If we suppress our desire to create and achieve, the self usually reacts negatively. Down either path can lie depression and ill-health. How do we find the balance and the joy that can arise from it? During this weekend we will share tools for working with everyday life as a spiritual path.

Place: Martin dePorres Center, Columbus, Ohio

Time: Thursday evening 7pm until Sunday 12 noon, Friday and Saturday evenings included. Lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday included.

Event Registrar: Kristen Acri, kristen.acri@gmail.com

Event Manager: Aatoon Nina Massey, aatoon.nina.massey@gmail.com

Accommodations: This retreat is non-residential. Nearby hotels provide free airport shuttle; some will also provide shuttle to the Martin de Porres Center. The registrar will automatically send you a list of hotels when you register. Contact registrar above.