How do we feel when we’re at a crossroads, between going forward and going back? Or between what seem like two bad alternatives, or two good ones?

On May 15, I’ll be getting together with my longtime friend Brother Joseph Kilikevice, founder of the Shem Interfaith Center for Spirituality in the Chicago area, to explore these themes experientially: through gazing at icons, ancient and modern, combined with chanting and meditating with the Aramaic words of Jesus. Really, icons are not gazed at but gazed through, so that we begin to see some hint of the light of Reality that can appear through them.

Details as usual in the Events section or by clicking the button below, where you an also register online.

This is an online retreat, open to all, freewill donations requested but not required.

[Pictured icon from the Ukrainian artist Ivanka Demchuk, used with permission.]