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“What it has taken China thousands of years to build cannot be acquired by theft. If we want to possess it we must earn the right to it by working on ourselves. Of what use to us is the wisdom of the Upanishads, or the insight of Chinese Yoga, if we desert our own foundations as though they were errors outlived and settle with thievish intent on foreign shores like homeless pirates…. In the course of the centuries, the West will produce its own Yoga, and it will be on the basis laid down by Christianity.”

--C. G. Jung

This icon of a dark-skinned Jesus was created by Br. Robert Lenz, OFM after reading the manuscript for Prayers of the Cosmos (1990) and was included on the cover in the English edition for many years. The icon is still used on the cover of many foreign language editions.

Short video introducing a new seven-week course, “The Way of the Aramaic Jesus,” beginning May 29, 2024 live, 5 pm UK time. With recordings available. Shift Network has extended the registration period through June 11:

It was my privilege years ago to write a Foreword to Neil Douglas-Klotz’s first book, Prayers of the Cosmos: Meditations on the Aramaic Words of Jesus.  Today, thirty-two years and fifteen books by Klotz later, I am honored to be asked to write a Foreward to this book. 

My original Foreward began with these words: “Reader beware: though this book is brief, it contains the seeds of a revolution.” I do not think history has proven me mistaken….

Neil Douglas-Klotz has devoted his life to challenging the familiar patterns of thinking and languaging by which the Christian scriptures have come down to us.  It is an act of valor to have done so….
Dr. Matthew Fox

in the foreword to Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus (to be released October 2, 2022), more info and an online sample here.

The Aramaic Prayer and the Beautiful Names of Allah

Talk in 2011 for the Academy of Self-Knowledge in South Africa

Audio: New Dimensions Radio Interview 2022

Download the interview with Justine Willis Toms with Neil about his new book (links to New Dimensions site).

Prayers of the Cosmos

Prayers of the Cosmos Audio Album

Sound files for learning the Aramaic Prayer of Yeshua and the Beatitudes in Matthew with all of the chant melodies. A companion to the book. Paid Download.

Dying into Rebirth: Easter 2022 Retreat (Video or Audio Download)

Online retreat recorded over Easter weekend, 2022, 5hrs, based on Neil’s book Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus. Paid Download.


Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus

Autumn 2022–just out.

With a foreword by Matthew Fox

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The Hidden Gospel (1999)

The Hidden Gospel 

 “Insightful, penetrating, dazzling.”–Leonard Shlain

The key Aramaic words and ideas found in  the canonical Gospel, plus a reverse glossary from King James English to its Aramaic equivalent. Body prayer contemplations throughout.

Original Meditation (2003, 2016)


“…a brilliant scholar with heart whose words have the power to reconnect us to our sacred source.” –Joan Borysenko

The ancient form of  creation meditation that unites the three religions of the Middle East. An anthology of Jewish, Christian and Islamic creation mysticism with new translations and body prayer meditations throughout.

Prayers of the Cosmos (1990)

Prayers of the Cosmos

“Here we find a Lord’s Prayer and Beatitudes that call even the most agnostic of ecofeminists and deep ecologists to reverence–and to a glad reconnection with the forgotten roots of our shared culture.” –Joanna Macy

“Contains the seeds of a revolution.”–Matthew Fox

The book that began it all: presents the Lord’s Prayer and Beatitudes in new, multi-layered interpretive translations.

A Murder at Armageddon (2015)

A Murder at Armageddon

Judas Thomas Mysteries Book One

A.K.A. Chisti (Neil Douglas-Klotz)

“gripping…mesmerizingly real…” –Kirkus Reviews

A novel set in the world of the Aramaic Jesus and his contemporaries. Renegade scribes, revolutionary cells, temple spies, oppressive tyrants, and visionary prophets and priestesses collide in this historical mystery novel of the volatile first century in the Middle East.

Blessings of the Cosmos (2006)

In Blessings of the Cosmos, published in 2006, Neil investigates Jesus’ best-loved benedictions, including: invocations of light, joy, peace, and faith in the Beatitudes in Luke, and Jesus’ last messages to the disciples, including the “great commandment” on love, the “many mansions” teaching, and the blessing of “greater works.”

Ebook from Sounds True.