Resurrection of life: Easter with the Aramaic Jesus

Resurrection of Life workshop

Resurrection of Life: Easter with the Aramaic Jesus

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This recording of a retreat which took place in California over the Easter weekend of 2014 has three main themes. The first one is the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (‘Lord’s Prayer’). The second theme covers Neil’s recent in-depth study of the Gospel of John, and the third theme is that of ‘Jesus and the Sufis’ – this refers to the interface between early Syriac and Arabic Christianity, and Islam; both similarities and differences.

Listen to meditations, chants and Dances of Universal Peace using the words of Jesus to experience his timeless wisdom. Hear Neil’s teachings about the Last Supper, the importance of both light and the breath to Jesus, the link between Jesus and Holy Wisdom, and theories surrounding what really happened at the time of the resurrection.

13 tracks – over 14 hours in total [Note: this is a BIG file to download].

This audio download is in .mp3 format. The .mp3 files are packaged in a zip file, so they will need to be extracted from the zip file, once it has been saved to your computer, before they can be played using a media player on your computer, or transferred to a portable player.

[Cover art by: Alana Lahme Lea]