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In Egypt’s Western Desert, rain falls only every 30 years. When it does, flowers bloom and go through an entire life cycle in a very short time, reseeding themselves for the next generation. In addition, large supplies of underground water can be brought to the surface, which also allows the desert to green. Desert Flowers encourages this kind of accelerated, yet rich spiritual growth in the midst of modern culture’s transition from wasteland to oasis.

Desert Flowers is a community of people around the world using the readings, body prayers, meditations and insights which are offered by Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz (Saadi Shakur Chishti) through his teachings and his books to deepen our connection to the One through a sharing of our experiences. Within this overall commitment, we seek to integrate this work with our efforts to give voice to our strong desire to be part of the healing of the disharmonies between human society and the natural world.

This community is a bit different from other email lists or groups. It has definite boundaries, which allow for “taking a breath” between conversations. Check-in times during the year are fixed: we meet every 3 or 4 months for a period of two weeks. Also, the focus of Desert Flowers is on personal spiritual experiences, not on concepts or speculation. By sharing our spiritual experiences (which include the challenges of everyday life), we are experimenting with group-focused spiritual sharing and guidance.

As participants, we are encouraged to send our written reflections to Desert Flowers periodically – between meetings. Then, about once every three or four months, we will be invited to join in the conversation during the ensuing two week open sharing period.

At the beginning of each period, I send Neil’s pre-recorded video of a suggested spiritual practice to to use during the meeting as well as a set of mailings consisting of a reminder of our focus, and a compilation of check-ins which have been received since our previous meeting. During the first few days, we read this set of mailings and have time to focus on the practice from Neil. For the remainder of the first week, those who have not yet checked in are invited to do so. This is an opportunity to share your journey or to simply say “I am here.”

After everyone has had a chance to check in, our group conversation continues for the second week, sharing what has come up during the practice or in our lives. We share personal challenges, healings or celebrations for which we
would like prayers or support. After any such sharing, some of us may be inspired and moved to offer a message which in some way says “Thank you” or “I hear you and I support you on your journey.”

Each meeting concludes with a live, online session together on Zoom. Neil shares some practices, and we have a short time of sharing in breakout groups before gathering together to say farewell until the “flowers” bloom again.

–Richard McMurtry, moderator.

Desert Flowers is hosted by, which seems to us to have the best privacy policy.

There is no charge for the group; donations are gratefully accepted via PayPal through this link.

People interested in participating in Desert Flowers should contact the moderatorRichard McMurtry