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Permission to reprint material or re-record melodies or chants

Requests for permission to reprint Neil’s published work in another book or publication, including a website: Most of these requests need to go to the publishers of Neil’s various books: Harper One, Quest, Penguin USA, Sounds True, or the foreign language publishers. See also The Chicago Manual of Style for the legal rules on quotation of copyrighted material in a publication. For permission to re-record Neil’s music or to reprint from the books Desert Wisdom or Original Meditation, please use the Contact Us form below.

Requests for translation

Because of other ongoing work, Neil is not responding to personal requests for translations from English or any modern Western language into Syriac Aramaic. Sorry! He is willing to help with some research projects from colleagues. Please use the Contact Us form.

Problems with audio downloads

First, please read the information on the Downloads page here. The most common source of problems is not knowing where the downloads page is on your computer. The .zip file archives in which the audio files are held must be downloaded to a computer first, then transferred to your other digital device, cell or mobile phone.

Finding a particular resource

One of our volunteers has made themselves available for finding a resource in Neil’s books or on his audio or video recordings. Contact them here.  Or leave a phone message at: 1-614-429-4009.

Joining our Constant Contact email list

For advance notice of Neil’s events and publications–you can join this via the form at the very bottom of the page.

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