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    Many items here are archive audio recordings of teachings or chants from past live retreats, many of which are available simply for a freewill donation. All donations are welcome and help us add to and improve the site:

    Future online courses, and recordings of them, will appear in a different format, with video and audio together, much like the offerings in the Video section of the library.

    We have now re-organized the Audio Downloads into major categories.

    These recordings are available as a digital download, in standard mp3 format.

    Warning: The mp3 files here are in a digital archive (.zip), which cannot be downloaded directly to smartphones, iPads, Chromebooks or tablets. Download your choice to a PC or Mac computer first and then transfer the files to your phone or portable device. Please verify that your equipment is capable of downloading and playing standard mp3 files. Please determine first where–into which folder or location–your computer downloads files. Usually your internet browser will tell you or ask you where they should go.

    New video files will be made available in a more updated format, such as you see in our Library Video section, again free to watch with donations gratefully accepted. New audio files will be posted to our podcasts section, or to future podcast series.

    If you would like help to understand exactly how purchasing and downloading files via Digital Downloads works on this website – please read our HELP page.

    Please note that you will be asked to agree to our Terms and Conditions before you will be able to complete a purchase or download. To read them first, please see them here: Terms and Conditions.

    Physical copies of some CDs (which are, of course, better audio quality) may be available for sale from the following contacts:

    Shipping to USA:

    Shipping to the UK:

    Shipping to Germany and the Eurozone (also German editions of some of Neil’s books):