Index and Audio Archive of

Chants, Practices, Walking Meditations and Teachings

This Index has been put together to help you find audio recordings that are available on CD/mp3 or as free downloads across various websites. It is being compiled by volunteers, and is a long-term project, so check back often to see new additions.

The index contains links to teachings from workshops that Neil has led in the UK, USA and Germany over the past few years. The ‘Chants’ section covers sung chants as well as intoned ones such as those using wasifas. The Walks sections contains Saadi Neil’s sessions on the Walks of Murshid S.A.M. (Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, 18 Oct. 1896 – 15 Jan. 1971). Please note that this index does not contain entries for recordings of Dances of Universal Peace.

To use the index, simply look up the subject alphabetically by keyword, within the relevant section. If the subject is to be found on CD/mp3, then the link will take you to the product page of the online shop, where you can purchase the item. If the subject is part of a freely available audio recording, click on the Player icon to listen to the track. If the part you need to listen to is not right at the beginning of that track, the start time that you need to scroll to will be listed in the subject’s description. The start time refers to the time that the teaching about that chant or Walk begins, not just the chant or Walk on its own. For these freely available audio recordings, if you want to download the track, click on the grey down arrow to the right of the Player.

The subject descriptions contain abbreviations for each workshop. CREWE = Sufi Annual Retreat at the Oblate Centre, Crewe, followed by the year. GS = Green Sufism CD/mp3. AJAS = Aramaic Jesus and the Sufis CD/mp3. RESS = Ruhaniat European Summer School (Germany) followed by the year. ROL= Resurrection of Life CD/mp3. VOL = Vectors of Love CD/mp3. WOR = Way of Renewal CD/mp3.

The workshops that have been indexed so far are listed HERE. From the same page you can access Contents Lists for an overview of what each event covered.

If you find any errors in the index, such as links not working, please EMAIL US to let us know.