Personal Prayer Movements for the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (“Lord’s Prayer”)

based on traditional Syriac Christian movements and from inspiration by Neil Douglas-Klotz

The is an approximate transliteration, for a scholarly transliteration of the words see the book Desert Wisdom (2010 edition).


In November 2012, while I was on a month-long personal retreat in the Scottish Highlands, body prayer movements to the Aramaic Prayer came through to me. Over the last 33 years, I have been doing some form of personal prayer, as a spiritual practice, with movement, punctuating various times of the day. Without becoming overly complex, most of the “desert wisdom” traditions recommend these in the morning, midday and evening. The Psalms mention seven times of prayer, according to the progress of the sun. Aramaic Christianity used five mostly, and the same five came into early Islam.

For more background and a written description of the movements with meditative attunement, please see the PDF file after the video below.

–Neil Douglas-Klotz

Download Personal Prayer Movement Description in English (PDF)

In German / Auf Deutsch (PDF)