Bearing Light and Beauty into the Darkness

An Online Retreat with the Rev. Tasnim Fernandez and Neil Douglas-Klotz

December 10 online:

0900-1200 West Coast North America
1000-1300 Mountain
1100-1400 Central
1200-1500 East Coast
1700-2000 UK
1800-2100 Central Europe

We meet the Sunday before the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe (December 12) for meditation, breathing practice, chant, body prayer, and inspired conversation. Our gathering will be focused on finding the source of light, wisdom, and knowing in our being, so that we can more effectively face problems in our lives and in the world. Can we find evidence of illuminated strength within us, as did Mother Mary and all the great light-bearers in the world? We will share this time preceding the Winter Solstice to find the depth of our soul beginning to return within us, as seeds sleep within the womb of nature ready for return in a new form.

Open to all.

Freewill donations welcome!

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