Abwoon Network Volunteers

Falls in Banias, Golan Heights, June 2000 (Neil's Jesus & Ecology trip)

Falls in Banias, Golan Heights, 06/2000
(Neil’s Jesus & Ecology trip)


“Pouring yourself out makes the Universe do the same….”

–portion of Neil’s translation of Matthew 6:34 from the Aramaic, from Desert Wisdom.


The Abwoon Network is volunteer-led and includes many people in North America and Europe who donate their time and energy to help the  work spread. Foremost among them are the many people who gather informal Abwoon groups in their homes or communities or through various circles of the Dances of Univeral Peace. Many people also volunteer time to organize events for Neil or other teachers of this work in their own regions. We thank all of you!

The following worldwide volunteers focus work through Neil’s Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning and/or through the Abwoon Resource Center in Ohio, USA, directed by the Rev. Elizabeth Munira Reed. Apologies to anyone we’ve forgotten!



Chris Granger (Staffordshire, England) has devoted many hours to completely re-building the website and greatly improved its functionality.

Work with audio recording, dance notation, and translation of leadership materials has been undertaken by Wolfgang Kröner, Nizam Jonitz, Simone Gerlach, Nicolle Prelle, Khabir Mayer-Glauninger, Qadima Brandt, Glen Burden, Raaja Hakim Fischer, Rahmana Dziubany and other members of Neil’s German Abwoon Leadership Group.

Jelaluddin Hauke Sturm (Berlin, Germany) consults with Neil on book design and ebook preparation.


Sharon Abercrombie (Ohio, USA) collects news from the Abwoon Network to share in the online blog.

Ellen Bush, Mary Qahira Richardson and Mariam Weidner (California, Pennysylvania and New Mexico, USA, respectively) have helped Neil notate and draft descriptions for his various dances.

Subhana Elizabeth Ferrio (Texas) contributes to the annual Abwoon Resource Center newsletter in many ways, including creating the online announcement related to each newsletter’s release and maintaining the Abwoon database of persons interested in the newsletter and in general, the Abwoon work.

Patricia Hume (Maine, USA) serves as the “Legacy Fulfillment” coordinator for Abwoon Resource Center. She receives all orders for hard copy CDs and DVDs and sends materials out to purchasers. As a long time follower of the Abwoon work, she is knowledgeable of all the resources and can assist persons to find what is best for their current inquiry.

Devi Mathieu  (California, USA) and Qahira Mary Richardson (Pennsylvania, USA) answer various general inquiries about resources available.

Alia Michaels (New Mexico, USA) contributes to the editing, design and overall layout of the annual Abwoon Resource Center newsletter and helps to maintain the accuracy and consistency of the content contained within the abwoon website.

Richard McMurtry (California, USA) organizes and runs the online group Desert Flowers; a community of people around the world using the readings, body prayers, meditations and insights which are offered by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz.

Elizabeth A. Reed (Ohio, USA) donates volunteers hours to Abwoon work. Event production has been a major focus (a decade of annual Ohio public workshops and three USA AILP groups series among many) along with production of new resources, and overseeing communications (Constant Contact, newsletter, social media). Her current passion is in outreach to new audiences.

Mary Qahira Richardson (Pennsylvania, USA) answers calls for the Abwoon Resource Center, responding to phone inquiries and acting as a contact or a link to another contact for individuals seeking more information about the Abwoon work. In addition, Mary Qahira has given assistance to many Abwoon Resource Center sponsored projects and programs..

Katie Schroth (Wisconsin, USA), helps Neil keep the workshop calendar updated.


Various other networkers and volunteers help to support, spread and deepen Abwoon work possible through the outreach arm of Abwoon Resource Center. Through generous volunteer work, networking and financial contributions, Abwoon Resource Center is able to continue its work.