Sufi Stories Live, Volume One

With Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz


“I have gone rummaging through my archives and begun to unearth some of the best live recordings of Sufi stories and world wisdom tales that I have shared over the past decade. Stories like this are not meant to be explained or interpreted. They go beyond allusion and metaphor. Instead, they represent a mirror of our consciousness, reflecting back to us states and conditions that go beyond words, and having been touched, can lead to an “aha!” of the soul.”—Neil Douglas-Klotz

The first volume contains:

  • Mullah Nasruddin’s Jobs
  • Mullah and the Parrot
  • The Goldsmith’s Daughter
  • Mullah’s Missing Donkey
  • Sufi Stories of Mariam and Jesus
  • The Shaykh and Halva
  • Jonah’s Zikr and Story

2 hours, high resolution mp3.

Warning: The mp3 files here are in a digital archive (.zip), which cannot be downloaded directly to smartphones, iPads, Chromebooks or tablets. Download your choice to a PC or Mac computer first and then transfer the files to your phone or portable device. Please verify that your equipment is capable of downloading and playing standard mp3 files. Please determine first where–into which folder or location–your computer downloads files. Usually your internet browser will tell you or ask you where they should go.

[Cover Art “Prophet Jonah and The Big Fish”, traditional Persian miniature.]

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