Sufi Stories Live

Sufi Stories Live, Volume One

Sufi Stories Live, Volume One

With Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz

“I have gone rummaging through my archives and begun to unearth some of the best live recordings of Sufi stories and world wisdom tales that I have shared over the past decade. Stories like this are not meant to be explained or interpreted. They go beyond allusion and metaphor. Instead, they represent a mirror of our consciousness, reflecting back to us states and conditions that go beyond words, and having been touched, can lead to an “aha!” of the soul.”—Neil Douglas-Klotz

The first volume contains:

  • Mullah Nasruddin’s Jobs
  • Mullah and the Parrot
  • The Goldsmith’s Daughter
  • Mullah’s Missing Donkey
  • Sufi Stories of Mariam and Jesus
  • The Shaykh and Halva
  • Jonah’s Zikr and Story

2 hours, high resolution mp3.

This audio download is in .mp3 format. The .mp3 files are packaged in a zip file, so they will need to be extracted from the zip file, once it has been saved to your computer, before they can be played using a media player on your computer, or transferred to a portable player.

[Cover Art “Prophet Jonah and The Big Fish”, traditional Persian miniature.]