Around the World with the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus

This is a collection from around the world of some of the best arrangements of the Aramaic prayer of Jesus (the “Lord’s Prayer”) plus live recordings of groups sharing the prayer over the past 30 years.

It includes improvisations, arrangements, and contributions by musicians from around the world including Robert Gass, Allaudin Mathieu, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Glen Velez, Angelika, Eric Akbar Manolson, Christian Bollman and the Overtone Choir of Dusseldorf, and the Czech group Le’Harmonija.


1 Abwoon 7:25  arranged by Angelika from the CD “Benedictions” 2006.

2 Early Abwoon 1:53 Mendocino Sufi, Camp, Mendocino, CA, 1983.

3 Remembrance 6:29 arranged by Eric Akbar Manolson from the CD “Healing Piano,” 1999.

4 Jerusalem Peace Prayer 0:17 from September 1993 citizen diplomacy pilgrimage to the Holy Land

5 Your One Desire 2:53 Fourth line of the prayer, Wilderness Dance Camp, Utah 2005

6 Prayer Variations 5:55 by Pastr and Friends, Moscow Region, Russia 2005

7 Abwoon Hayy 2:04 Starr House, Boulder, Colorado, 1999.

8 Daily Bread 5:44 Overtone Choir of Duesseldorf, Germany, arr. by Christian Bollmann from the CD “ABWUN” 1997

9. Forgiveness Variations 3:38  Sixth line of the prayer arr. by Neil Douglas-Klotz, guitar, bouzouki, vocals,  2012.

11. Neither Forgetful nor Unripe  Seventh and eighth lines, arranged by Christian Bollman and the Overtone Choir; guest soloists: Yulyus Golombeck (oud), Angelika Görs (voice), 1997.

12 A Healing Field 8:19 Variations on the last line by Eric Akbar Manolson from “Healing Piano”

13 The Seal of the Prayer 2:05 Moscow,Russia, January 2012

14 The Entire Prayer 11:57 arranged by Robert Gass and On Wings of Song from the CD “Awakening,” 2003. Guest artists: Allaudin Mathieu (director), Margot Krimmel (celtic harp), Omar Faruk Tekbilek (oud), Glen Velez (percussion)

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