A live three-day online retreat, recorded over Easter weekend 2022, that focuses on chant, body prayer and meditation from the Aramaic Jesus tradition, which address these challenging times in the world.

The way of the Jesus, as seen through his Aramaic words, is not for the faint-hearted. He makes this both in his many teachings (like the various Beatitudes) as well as through his example.

During our days together, we follow themes appropriate for Easter week. These include the origins of our embodied life and self (naphsha), the crucifixion felt by the small self, and its healing and redemption—re-discovering its purpose in life, which leads to resurrection, finding our home in ruha, the soul’s “always-on” breath. This is a process done not once, but many times, in our lives.

The retreat focuses on chant, body prayer and contemplative prayer from the Aramaic Jesus tradition, which correspond in feeling to these days and, more importantly, provide inspiration for the times we face.

I also offer some new translations, insights, and practices from my book Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus, released October 2022. This includes some of the “words from the cross,” about which many people ask. During Saturday’s double session, I also answer selected questions and answers. Sunday’s session is a session of guided chant and meditation through the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (the “Lord’s prayer”).

5 hours of video and audio over three sessions.

Transliterations of the Aramaic words used in the chants in this retreat here.

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