Native Middle Eastern Cycle: Seasonal Invocations to the Goddess


This recording contains the music to  a cycle of eight chants  and Dances of Universal Peace drawn from the ancient Middle Eastern Goddess traditions. The chants use sacred phrases reconstructed from the Old Canaanite, Old Hebrew, Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylonian languages and are accompanied by flute, guitar, dumbeck and tar drum. The Dances were composed by Neil Douglas-Klotz and Kamae Amrapali Miller. This recording is dedicated to a reconnection with and embodiment of the deep feminine as expressed by the sacred names of power of our ancient ancestors.

I. The Chants

1. Belit Mati Malkatu / Rahm (Canaanite / Old Hebrew) 3:18

2. Shaddai (Old Hebrew) 5: 22

3. Hochmah/ Alatu (Old Hebrew / Canaanite) 4:42

4. Innana / Damuzi (Sumerian / Babylonian) and Eyeh Asher Eyeh / Asherah (Old Hebrew / Canaanite) 7:54

5. Ast Amenti / Usari Nepra (Egyptian) 2:40

6. Nintu Mami Ninhursag / Lulu (Sumerian / Babylonian) 3:57

7. Anat Amenta / Uma Amenta / Hathor Amenta (Egyptian / Old Hebrew) 4:26

II. Learning the Chants (pronunciation, music, explanation)

8. Belit Mati Malkatu / Rahm 2:59

9. Shaddai 1:32

10. Hochmah/ Alatu 2:24

11. Innana / Damuzi 2:01

12. Eyeh Asher Eyeh / Asherah 3:21

13. Ast Amenti / Usari Nepra 4:09

14. Nintu Mami Ninhursag / Lulu 3:59

15. Anat Amenta / Uma Amenta / Hathor Amenta 7:59

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