Dancing with the Aramaic Jesus: The Beatitude Way
Guitar and Drum Demonstration DVD
with Neil Douglas-Klotz and Matin Mize

Join with Saadi Neil Douglas-Klotz as he chants and demonstrates guitar chords and strumming styles to the Beatitudes. Neil is joined by percussionist Matin Mize as he demonstrates Middle Eastern rhythms he has honed for over 20 years to these melodies. Each line is chanted by Neil as they play guitar and drum together.

This is the third video in a larger series intended for musicians who accompany leaders (or who themselves are leaders) at spiritual practice groups, dance circles, interfaith events, etc. These videos will be helpful for anyone who works with chants and body prayer through the individual lines (or full cycles) of the Aramaic and Native Middle Eastern dance cycles created through Neil Douglas-Klotz. A series of videos is in development to support leaders as they spread and deepen with this work, both individually and with groups, working with any or all of Neil’s cycles that exist to date.

This video is not intended to teach someone new to either guitar or drum how to play the instrument. It is assumed that the viewer will have some basic guitar skills in open (GGDGGD) and/or standard guitar tuning. The video is in open G tuning, since this was what Neil was using at the time and is the most common in Dances of Universal Peace circles. If the strumming patterns appear too complicated to learn, help is generally available through a local guitar class or individual lessons. In drumming, the Middle Eastern rhythm patterns known as maqsoum and baladi are demonstrated with subtle variations. There is every attempt to demonstrate basic drumming patterns (for the beginner) and some advanced patterns for those who wish to enter a new level.

We hope that this video enriches your experience with the Beatitudes!

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