by the Rev. Sherron Corneen

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Dear Friends,

I believe that Neil Douglas-Klotz’s work is very important. It has been life-changing for me and has the potential to be life-changing for many others. Chances are, Neil’s work and teachings have similarly impacted your life as well. You can help make make his work available for generations to come, even after we have transitioned to a new place in the caravan! We have the power now to leave a legacy for future seekers on the spiritual path. Neil’s unique contribution that has meant much to many already, can be gifted and available into the future.

You might think that leaving a legacy is only for the wealthy, but everyone has an estate. Even you. Even me. Please consider sharing the richness you have experienced as a result of Neil’s inspiration, teaching, and dedication. The process of doing this is called estate planning or planned giving.

I recently updated my will. I included a provision for a percentage of what I leave behind to go toward the perpetuation of Neil’s life work. I hope it will be a lot of money, but in reality it may not be exceptional. No matter what it will be, it warms my heart and brings me joy to know I have helped pass on what has meant so much to me.

To help you pass on your values, I want to share how I did it. First, I asked around and found a lawyer who seemed trustworthy, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Some kind of consultation with a professional advisor is good. Be sure to use the correct language when professing your intention. The laws and rules for charitable giving differ from place to place, country to country. It is important to make sure your activism accomplishes your wishes. I contacted Neil about my intention and here is the wording I put into my will. This was corrected by my lawyer to comply with the state of Ohio, USA, where I live. I am part owner of some real estate in the province of Ontario, Canada, and the wording in that will is a bit different as it complies with different regulations:

“I direct that all the rest of my real and personal property of whatever kind, including gifts that fail through lapse or otherwise, be distributed as follows:

1. Xx percent (xx%) of the residue to the Shalem Institute, located in Worthington Ohio, or its successor, to be used for the benefit of the Abwoon Resource Center in support of outreach, publishing and furtherance of the Aramaic Jesus and Native-Middle Eastern peace-making service work begun by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz. In the event the Abwoon Resource Center is no longer in existence, then this gift is to be given to the Edinburgh International Centre For Spirituality and Peace, located in Edinburgh, Scotland, to be used for the support of outreach, publishing and furtherance of the Aramaic Jesus and Native-Middle Eastern peace-making service work begun by Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz.”

Of course, I put a percent in the document.

If I can help you in any way, feel free to call me at 614-600-7800.

May Sacred Unity bless you and grant you peace,

Sherron Courneen