Including “The Aramaic Jesus: Unearthing a Native Middle Eastern Lineage of Mystics”
with Neil Douglas-Klotz

Mystics Summit:
Embrace the Ecstatic Wisdom of Ancient and Contemporary Mystics to Illuminate Your Own Path to the Divine.

June 26-30, Free Virtual Summit

A modern mystic is a person who is called to live, express, and fulfil the destiny of their soul.
― Aletheia Luna

Curated by James Twyman and my friend Taya Mâ Shere (cofounder, Hebrew Priestess Institute), I am happy to join her as well as Matthew Fox, Brian Swimme, Michael Mead, Banafsheh Sayyad, William Bloom, Rabbi Rami Shapiro, Dr Fawzia Al-Rawi, Omid Safi, Andrew Harvey, Mushim Patricia Ikeda, Hadar Cohen, and more than 20 others (On the registration page, click “View All Speakers” halfway down the event home page to see us all).

All free to watch live.

If you upgrade (the usual for a summit—you receive the recordings) you will also receive many great bonuses (I just looked—it’s well worth it). As one of these, I am offering a previously unreleased two-part 2.5 hour mini-retreat /webinar in which we chant and meditate with the whole Aramaic Prayer of Jesus, as a light-streamed blessing for the planet, recorded just after the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

There are between 7-8 live events a day for the five days, so unless you have five free days (!), you will want to listen to at least some of these on recording.

My theme with Taya, whose passion is the Hebrew goddess-Sufi connection is: “The Aramaic Jesus: Unearthing a Native Middle Eastern Lineage of Mystics.” In addition to sharing a chant and meditation, we talk about:

  • Jesus as an embodiment of Holy Wisdom (Hakima), a universal feminine archetype in the ancient Middle East, which leads to him being experienced as first as “Word/Wisdom” and later as the cosmic Christ.
  • Jesus as an ancient “disruptor,” challenging the religious and spiritual status quo of his time.
  • Finding the divine in nature and in our own breath.
    •    Yeshua’s teachings on death and the afterlife, and their relation to Sufi wisdom rooted in the Qur’an.
  • Jesus’s view of “salvation” and our ongoing purpose in life. Finding his wisdom via your “heart’s eye view.”

Highlights from the more than 30 other sessions:

  • That mysticism, through the 4 points of Perennial Wisdom, can address the core psycho-spiritual problem plaguing humanity.
  • How to call out to 7 specific archangels for blessings and protection — getting to know each one by name as you develop special, unique relationships.
  •  Little-known Jewish, Kabbalistic, Sabbatean, and Hasidic mystical teachings — and ways to translate, adapt, and embody them today
  • The relationship between music and sacred sounds such as ancient mantras — and how music amplifies the mysticism, supporting your spiritual journey
  • The call for a healing of humanity by way of the unio mystica — the union of the mystic’s soul with God.
  • And much more….

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