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"I Am" The Secret Teachings of the Aramaic Jesus

“I Am” The Secret Teachings of the Aramaic Jesus by Neil Douglas-Klotz

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Perhaps the most essential teachings given to us by Jesus came in the final year of his life on earth. Known as the “I AM” statements and found only in the Gospel of John and the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, these radical truths were offered to connect each one of us to the original source of Jesus’ deeper power. But to fully understand and embody these profound insights, teaches Dr. Neil Douglas-Klotz, we must hear them in Jesus’ native tongue. On I Am: The Secret Teachings of the Aramaic Jesus, we accompany the noted scholar and author on a journey to the Holy Land of Jesus’ time. Listeners learn 24 specific meditations that combine music, Aramaic chant, and breathing awareness practices to attune us to Jesus’ words and help us “become fountains of healing and inspiration, as Jesus was.”

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