Kahlil Gibran’s Little Book of Secrets

Edited and with an introduction and notes by Neil Douglas-Klotz

One of the most popular and profound inspirational writers of all time explores the mysteries of life. Here is bite-sized wisdom for daily living.

This book is a collection of Gibran’s words on life’s big questions and the mysteries of the spiritual path. It is an exploration of the riddles and conundrums that are part of the fabric of existence, and it is an attempt to penetrate and explain the mysteries of life.

Gibran was fascinated by life’s puzzles and riddles–those questions that cause us to stop what we are doing and ask, “Why?” Here are his musings about the seemingly unanswerable questions and his exploration of good and evil, love and hate, and the difference between appearances and reality.

Kahlil Gibran’s Little Book of Secrets is organized into five sections that elucidate the key issues and questions that each of us face:

1. Entering the Labyrinth of Life
2. Secrets of Life and Death
3. Life’s Ups and Downs
4. Secrets of Good and Evil
5. Traveling the Inner Path

This inspirational gift volume gently guides readers through life’s big issues: meaning and mortality, good and evil, and discovering an authentic spiritual path. Suitable for all gift-giving occasions, it is a book that delights, informs, and inspires.

“Famous for The Prophet, Gibran is the third bestselling poet of all time, behind Shakespeare and Lao Tzu. The book (along with Gibran) is often labeled simplistic and lightweight by critics. Douglas-Klotz has compiled and introduced this collection of Gibran’s other writings which contradict that dismissal. He tells us that Gibran’s writing is authentic spirituality that “bridges ordinary religious boundaries”. Gibran’s Lebanese roots and native Arabic language enhance his work. In the days of his early successes, it created an exotic overtone that made it appealing both in 1920 and 1960. Today that same overtone provides a layer of insight which might inform a world immersed in clashing cultures.”Retailing Insights

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