Articles and Interviews


Bryn Beorse: In Search  of Mystic Balance

An interview by Neil Douglas-Klotz with Murshid Shamcher Bryn Beorse in the

New Age Journal, March 1978, Volume 3, Number 10, Brookline Village, MA, USA

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Body of Bliss, Body of Blessing:

The Elemental Purification Breaths of Hazrat Inayat Khan and Their Relation

to the New Physiology and Ecology

Published in: Toward the One: A Journal of Unity (produced by the Federation of the Sufi Message); Volume Eight, Spring 2007, pp 29-35. Eugene, OR, USA. A consideration of the breathing practice of Hazrat Inayat Khan in light of current somatics research and ecological principles.

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Freeing the Lucid Voice: Music for the Tone-Deaf

From the Newsletter of the Dances of Universal Peace, October 1988 by Neil Douglas-Klotz

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Sufi Vision and Initiation: Preface to new 2012 edition

Remembering a journey of awakening that began with a “large foolish project.”

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Missing Stories: Prophetic and Mystical Voices for Peace

From the 2005 Edinburgh International Festival and Conference on Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace, report on the Festival to be held February 14 – March 6 about the rationale for and philosophy behind it.

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In the Shadow of War,
Peacemakers Visit to Edinburgh Raises Surprising Hopes (2003)

Article reporting on work by Israeli Jewish and Muslim peacemakers on a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland in March 2003, sponsored by the Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning (Neil Douglas-Klotz and Kamae Amrapali Mlller).

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The Key in the Dark:
Self and Soul Transformation in the Sufi Tradition (2002)

(Published in in S.G. Mijares, ed. (2002). Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: An Anthology of Healing Practices from the World’s Religious Traditions. New York: Haworth Press.)

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Oil Fields of the Soul:
The Psychological Dimensions of Middle East Conflict and Culture (2001)

(The article is revised from a lecture given to the American Association of Humanistic Psychology annual conference in 1995. All translations are by the author.)

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Dancing at the Borders of Human Education: The Body Prayer of Matthew Fox

by Neil Douglas-Klotz (Published in a Festshrift in honor of Dr. Matthew Fox, December 2000.)

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Desert Wisdom and the New Cosmology (1995)

An interview with Neil Douglas-Klotz about the book Desert Wisdom: Native Middle Eastern Writing from the Goddess through the Sufis (1995)

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A Conversation with the Dalai Lama

by Neil Douglas-Klotz (first published in Bismillah magazine, 1980)

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