The Breathing, Healing, Blessing Life of All:

12.5-hour, eight-session program on the Aramaic Prayer of Jesus

 Audio/ Video Bundle


Recorded in a live international webinar in the autumn of 2020, Neil teaches one line  of the Aramaic Prayer (the “Lord’s Prayer”) each session, with chanting and meditation, adding new material from recent research as well as his book Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus (published 2022).


  • The Aramaic Prayer as healing, protection, and blessing.
  • Chants and meditations for all lines of the prayer.
  • The Aramaic elemental healing breathing practice.
  • Yeshua’s way of feeling breath, spirit, and the breathing spirit of nature as one.
  • The evolution of prayer and contemplation in human consciousness.
  • Authentic prayer and the divinity “inside-outside” question.
  • Contemplation within Jesus’s shem, his personal presence infused with soul.
  • Jesus as Holy Wisdom and the way “gender” was regarded in his time.
  • “Just being,” “practices,” and “lessons.”
  • Yeshua’s view of the human “self” (naphsha).
  • What can cause human life to be a blessing not a curse to itself and those around it?
  • The two creation journeys in Yeshua’s prayer.
  • What did happiness mean for Jesus?
  • The Aramaic personal body prayer.
  • Hakima – Holy Wisdom as Sacred Sensing.
  • Allowing our soul to save us, rather than needing to “save our soul.”

In English with Spanish translation. 8 sessions, 12.5 hours total program.$95.

Secure video and audio links provided with ability to stream and download each session, along with pdfs of the Aramaic chants and body prayer practices shared, with both English and Spanish transliteration and translation.