Legacy Ordering by Post – USA and International


The US site no longer carries physical books. Please go to the website links to buy online from various sources. All remaining physical CD and DVD recordings produced by Abwoon are now fulfilled through a volunteer. This is now a “legacy service” and these orders will be fulfilled about once per week. Please send an email message here with your desired order and the volunteer will respond with what is available and the estimated cost of shipping.

UK and English-speaking International

For orders within the United Kingdom or any orders in UK pounds sterling: Please contact: Edinburgh Institute for Advanced Learning: info@eial.org This site carries all Abwoon book, CD and DVD titles on a stock-available basis, for shipping anywhere in the world. This is also fulfilled by a volunteer. Please send a message with your desired order and we will respond with what is available, the estimated cost of shipping and when it can be shipped.

Germany and German-speaking Europe

For orders within Germany and any orders in Euros: Please contact: Dances of Universal Peace Network of German Speaking Countries (NdL): ndl-netz@yahoo.de or see the main German website http://www.taenze-ndl.de/einleitung_index.html. This site carries, on a stock-available basis, most of the English titles, as well as German translations of the books Prayers of the Cosmos (Das Vaterunser, Knauer Verlag), The Hidden Gospel (Prophet aus der Wueste, Koesel Verlag), Sufi book of Life (Weisheit der Sufis), Blessings of the Cosmos (Segen des Kosmos) and the instruction booklet for Dancing with the Aramaic Jesus: The Lord’s Prayer. It also carries all of the musical CDs. Please also enquire for information about German-language seminars in this work by Gita Onnen and Neil Douglas-Klotz.