To help you get started in choosing resources, this page lists the most popular topics and resources:

1. Best starters  on the Aramaic Jesus:

  • The Hidden Gospel book or ebook
  • The Hidden Gospel short audio program from Sounds True

2. The Aramaic Lord’s Prayer 

  • Prayers of the Cosmos book
  • Prayers of the Cosmos CD/mp3
  • Original Prayer audio program (Sounds True)
  • The Hidden Gospel  book or audio program (Sounds True)
  • Aramaic Jesus  portions of Desert Wisdom

3. The Aramaic Beatitudes in Matthew and Luke

  • Prayers of the Cosmos book (Beatitudes in Matthew)
  • Prayers of the Cosmos CD/mp3
  • The Healing Breath audio program (Sounds True)
  • Blessings of the Cosmos book with included CD (Beatitudes in Luke)
  • The Hidden Gospel book or audio program (Sounds True)
  • Aramaic Jesus portions of Desert Wisdom

4.  The Aramaic Jesus in the Gospel of John

  •  I Am audio program (Sounds True)
  • Blessings of the Cosmos book with included CD
  • Simple Presence music CD/mp3

 5. Jesus, Genesis and Creation Mysticism

  • Original Meditation book
  • Desert Wisdom book
  • Original Meditation CD/mp3
  • Beginnings music CD/mp3
  • Genesis Live: A Guided Meditation CD/mp3

6. Native Middle Eastern Spirituality

  •  Desert Wisdom book
  • Native Middle Eastern chants CD/mp3
  • The Tent of Abraham book

7. Sufism and Islamic Mysticism

  • The Sufi Book of Life
  • The Tent of Abraham book
  • Healing Pathways of the Heart workshop audio (mp3)
  • Jesus and the Sufis workshop audio (mp3)
  • Green Sufism workshop audio (mp3)
  • Remembrance of Light: Zikr Nur-i-Muhammad CD/mp3
  • The Opening: Sura Fateha CD/mp3

8.  On Starting a Group:

Many people have started local Abwoon Circles — small groups for study, spiritual practice or personal sharing. Models for such groups, using the resources created by Neil Douglas-Klotz are available in the book:

Abwoon Circles: Starting a Local Group by Elizabeth Reed.

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