Dear Friends,

Requesting a favour here: now would be a good time to pre-order your copy of Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus (that is, if you were going to order it anyway!). This will help the book both in its advance ratings and foreign rights sales. I find the latter important, since so many people who have used my books are in non-English-speaking countries—Spanish-speaking or German-speaking, for instance.

It all helps spread the words and spirituality of “Jesus before Christianity,” which is just what the world needs today.

 For those in the USA, a good site to pre-order is that of, which offers a small discount and also supports independent bookstores.

For those in other countries, you can go to your favorite online or local source.

The book’s website has more information, a sample, links to other sellers, and some words from other friends and colleagues who have endorsed it: