The Aramaic Jesus and the Naked Voice:

Sacred Sound, Healing, and Compassion


with Neil Douglas-Klotz and Chloë Goodchild, author of The Naked Voice.


Video conversation, live with recording available later for all who register.

Sunday, October 23

1800-1915 UK time
1900-2015 Central Europe
1000-1115 West Coast North America
1100-1215 Mountain
1200-1315 Central
1300-1415 East Coast

Neil and Chloë will talk about their experiences helping people free their authentic voice, truth, and compassion through sound and body awareness, sound wisdom and silence, Neil will bring in resources from his just-released book Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus. which contains many inner sound meditations based on the words of Yeshua.

 Chloë Goodchild is the founder of The Naked Voice, a pioneering experiential vocal training programme, providing a sound awareness toolkit of conscious core practices, music, audiobooks and spoken meditations that empower you to find and to embody your authentic voice. The Naked Voice Charitable Foundation was established in 2004, to disseminate a deeper awareness of the essential role conscious communication plays in strengthening ethical awareness, social health and well-being in all realms of human life. Chloe’s seminal book, The Naked Voice – Transform Your Life through the Power of Sound (North Atlantic Books) was published in 2015.

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Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus is a wake-up call for our time. It reveals through Neil’s remarkable life-story and spiritual mentorship, how access to the perennial wisdom teachings of Yeshua – sourced from the spirit of sound and the sacred word – can ignite a direct experience of what it means to be fully alive. I couldn’t put this book down, as it inspires us to dive deep into the core questions of our existence, with the support of simple and accessible, conscious core practices, breath and bodywork, initiating a new language of interconnectedness with a compelling vision of what human life can be NOW.”

Chloe Goodchild