Coming up at the end of the month–our online European Sufi Summer School for this year: “The Real That Remains.”

 What many of us considered ‘normal’ is no longer so, both due to the pandemic as well as other world events, particularly climate change and now the war in Ukraine. This affects not only our ‘outer life’ but also our ‘inner life’ and the way that we approach it. What resources does the Sufi path bring to the challenges of life right now? What is the “Real That Remains”?  

All of our teachers will be reflecting on these themes over the three sessions we meet: 30 June – 2 July, 1800-1930 in Central Europe, 1700-1830 in the UK, 0900-1200 West Coast North America.

Open to all. Freewill donations welcome.

 Details and online registration via the link below: