Shift Network has extended the registration period for my new seven-module course on the foundation practices of Jesus seen through his native Aramaic spirituality:

“The Way of the Aramaic Jesus” begins live on May 29 at 1700 UK time here in Scotland, with recordings if you can’t be there live.

Whether or not you are familiar with this work, you will find new applications here to our mutual challenges today: love and relationships, lack of self-trust, trauma (yours and that of your ancestors), letting go of the past, fears of the future, and feelings of an unclear, unfulfilled purpose. No experience is necessary except your own depth of reflection about your life so far.

The path Yeshua demonstrates comes before and goes beyond any later religious theologies or organizations. He predicts a way for spiritual “nomads” today to live with inspiration, freedom, and courage to face a changing world. His foundation meditation combines the power of the Ever-Living Life to create each moment anew together with the depth of Holy Wisdom, Sophia, the “Sacred Sense” that is wedded to it.

If you’ve read this far, your soul has probably led you here. As Mevlana Rumi said, “What has brought you this far will lead you further on.”

I hope you can join me for the course!