Many of you are familiar with my work with the Aramaic words of Jesus as well as the translations of the “99 Beautiful Names” (asma ul husna) in The Sufi Book of Life. 

This year I will be offering a weeklong seminar on the relation between both tools and, more importantly, how can be used to help us find a greater doorway to what the Sufis call “tawhid,” the ‘lived experience’ of Unity, inside and out, spoken and in silence.

This will be at the European Sufi Summer School, 24 June – 1 July, at Proitzer Muehle in Germany.

Registration is now open for this event.

We have a full staff of teachers offering from the most embodied practices in our lineage, including walking meditation, contemplation and awareness, Sufi healing, music and sound, and the Dances of Universal Peace.

Please go to our home page, where you will find the link to read about the new registration process and begin. This is available in English and German:

Referral to our venue Proitzer Müehle for accommodation booking and payment will be done in order of your registration, i.e. first come – first served. To ensure that you get the room of your choice, consider registering early.

 We hope you can join us this year as we celebrate our 21st annual event!

All the best,