Thanks to many of you for supporting the various online events I have done in September and October to help launch the Aramaic Jesus book! I’m very grateful for the way they all went.

In addition, I did a long interview with Justine Toms at New Dimensions radio/podcast in California, which will likely be aired sometime in December. I will let you know when.

Coming up tomorrow November 5, I am doing an interview with Rick Archer of “Buddha at the Gas Pump” at 1030 am in the US Central Time Zone, 1530 here in Scotland. No registration is necessary. It will be live-streamed to the “Batgap” YouTube page. Details here:

The following day, Sunday, November 6 Shaykh Fadhalla Haeri, Dr. Adnan al Adnani and myself will be doing another of our impromptu conversations, this one streamed live through the SFH Foundation YouTube Channel, 1000-1115 UK time, with recordings available at that channel a day or two later. The subject is “Global Suffering and the Ever-Present Offering.” Pretty much self-explanatory. As in others of these, we will focus on the wisdom of the mystical view of the Qur’an together with a similar view from the Biblical and Aramaic Jesus tradition.  It will appear here.

Some other online events are coming up in December, January and February, which I will post to our website.

My next live event will be a weekend at Holland House in England, February 24-26, 2023. Registration is already open for this. Limited capacity here, so if interested, please sign up soon.

Again, because folks have asked: I will inshallah return to the USA in March-April for the following weekends. All these have been delayed for three years, so I want to fulfil the commitments:

    • March 30-2 April in Madison, WI retreat with Tasnim Fernandez
    • April 6-9, Bishops Ranch in Sonoma County, CA – Easter retreat (REGISTRATION OPEN ONLINE NOW).
    • April 14-16 + 17: DesMoines, IA – Aramaic Prayer retreat with one day workshop for people leading this work, with or without dance.
Details, online regisration and links to all of these via the Abwoon website home or event page.
All the best,