“What Jesus Really Taught in His Native Aramaic”

A Free Webinar:  Rebroadcast on May 11, at 11 am PDT, 12 noon Mountain, 1pm Central, 2 pm East, 7 pm UK, 8 pm Central ​Europe.

With recording available if you register, even if you can’t attend live. The recording will go live after the May 11 “encore” rebroadcast. Same page as registration for it. Through this page you will also have access to registration for the full seven-module course, beginning live May 29 at 5 pm UK time.

With Neil Douglas-Klotz

For most of this free event, I go over some of the basics of Yeshua’s teaching and share three short experiential practices to show how we can begin to re-knit our human consciousness–which feels to many increasingly separate and isolated—back into nature as well a human community, which we consciously choose (rather than have it chosen for us). At the end of this event, I talk a bit about the new 7-week course starting May 29 on Shift and what I’ll offer.

Each live session (5pm UK start time for an hour and a half), will feature teaching, practices, and Q&A. Recordings available as usual to those who register. Each session will feature teaching, chant, meditation, live Q&A, and an online egroup for optional sharing and interaction.

This will be a new course, with many elements you will not have heard, even if you have read my recent book Revelations of the Aramaic Jesus. So whether or not you have read my books, listened to audio, or attended an in-person event, you will new applications to our challenges today, including love and relationships, lack of self-trust, trauma (yours and that of your ancestors), fears of the future, and a sense of unclear, unfulfilled purpose. By releasing past memories of all these, as well as the extra “fuel” from messages from our culture (including religion), we can make the best choices in life.

This work changed my life, and I know it has begun to do the same for many of you already. I would like to make it available to an even wider sphere of people and offer a deeper dimension for those who have found it helpful.

Registration for the seven-week course opens May 7, with special bonuses available for early bird registration by May 11, 12 midnight Pacific Coast time.

Register for the free event and its recording to be notified when course registration opens for you: