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Autumn Aramaic Jesus Retreat Registration Opens

This 7-week retreat will be in English with Spanish translation. It continues the story of the Aramaic Jesus and his “gospel of transmission” in the Gospels of John and Thomas. Part one took place in the spring; however, it is not necessary to have attended the prior retreat to join or benefit from this one. Details and the online registration link at at the page below. Again, all by freewill donation. Recordings will be made but will only be accessible to those who register in advance. Hope you can join us! – Neil

One-day online retreat with Neil and Brother Joe Kilikevice, Feb 27

Dear Friends of Abwoon,

Happy to be sharing retreat space again with good friend and colleague Br. Joe Kilikevice in Illinois, USA on 27 February, from 10 am – 1 pm Chicago time, so 4pm – 7pm here in the UK. This is sponsored for Lent by St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, IL, with which Br. Joe has a relationship. For details, see here

Stay safe…all the best, Neil